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Sergio Cantone of Euronews talks briefly about how Euronews reports about Europe.


We have seven different journalists, not seven different translators, working on the news, interviews, and reports. Every journalist gives their personal and national identity to the news they are dealing with.

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  1. sorry Sergio… but what about the realities of the major funding of Euronews by the European Commission? If this form of ‘state aid’ would be banned, there would have been serious room for initiatives like EUX.TV.

    And why is it that in the Euronews reports the EU politicians, especially Commissioners, always feature extremely prominently? It’s not the story that matters, but the chance that Euronews gets to suck up to the Commission.

    Euronews gives much less airtime to institutions that do NOT contribute to the funding of Euronews like the European Council. Naturally, Euronews has its statutes (approved by the Commission) that allow you to work without having to worry about this when covering the EU, so of course you can dismiss any suggestions saying Euronews is not objective.

    The Euronews reality is difficult to admit for you as a journalist, and at a Euractiv conference you’re unlikely to be questioned about this, but the need to have a properly functioning media system in the EU demands that this Euronews fact should be acknowledged.

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