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nathalietodd.pngDespite the fact that the 200+ journalists covered by EurActiv’s media survey are only a small sample of the EU press corps, the survey is the biggest of its kind.

Ogilvy’s Natalie Todd (right) comments on some of the report’s findings:

“There are two points that I would really want to pick out from the survey that resonate with us in the work that we are doing.

Firstly, the increasing use of online communication is certainly something that is reflected in the work that we do in communicating across Eruope and sometimes globally. The internet is a tremendous enabler, it does allow us now to communicate more widely, it does allow us to connect amongst ourselves. (…) The challenge is really to engage with citizens and stakeholders.

The other finding is the focus on energy and the environment. Again, it’s not a surprise. But I think it’s an opportunity for communication across the European Union. It’s one of those issues that transcend political divides, it goes across cultures. Environment has become mainstream as an issue, and that is where you will find conversations happening, consumers using their own content and showing their own content about the environment online.”

Listen to Natalie Todd’s full speech (4min50sec): Download

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